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Panettone Anno Domini 1476

February 23, 2015

Why is it called Panettone a.D. 1476?

It has been told that the Panettone was born in Milan at the magnificent court of Ludovico il Moro. One festive evening, the court’s pastry chef accidentally burned the dessert in the hot oven. As was customary at the time, it was supposed to be made of marzipan, dried fruit, spices and honey.

The unfortunate chef, having no other choice, was persuaded to serve the sweet bread that Toni, the scullery ... [read more]

Panettone, a confection of legendary origins

August 17, 2014



The Origins


As to the origins of Panettone, the most noteworthy legends date back to the Sforza dynasty of Milan, but far more interesting are those from the pagan times before, in connection with the rites of the Winter Solstice (December 21st) and then the Christian stories connected with Christmas. On the longest night of the year, it was customary to prepare a rich bread, as a good luck charm for the New Year. The ingredients used ... [read more]