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Postcard by Premiata Pasticceria-Confetteria Baj

November 30, 2018

Confectionery maker Baj owned one of the oldest pastry shops in Milan and specialized in the production of artisan Panettone.


The shop was located in the central Piazza Duomo, at the corner of Via Radegonda.


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The GIOIA Collection – Little girls baking Panettone

October 22, 2015

The GIOIA Collection’s packaging evokes the same Christmas feeling as that of the Sospiro Collection. However, while the Sospiro’s shopping bag features images of children confectioners dusting a Pandoro cake, the Gioia Collection showcases little girls working on a freshly baked Panettone: they sprightly climb up a ladder to reach the top of the cake display. [read more]

Motta PanettoneÂ’s identity card

November 28, 2014

Back in the 1950s, The Italian food company Motta launched a new type of advertisement, in an effort to affirm the quality of their products. With Motta’s Panettone cakes came a sort of ‘identity card’ attesting to “the genuineness and authenticity of the ingredients used and the consistency of the product, which is controlled during each step of the production”. Furthermore, the ‘identity card’ listed the average composition of the lot and all the ingredients used.


This tool was also used to carry out studies and research or, as it was called back then, a "national survey" on the consumption of sweet foods. As a reward for participating in the survey, prizes totaling up to several tens of millions of Liras were awarded randomly among the participants (for the 7th survey the total came up to 100 million Liras).


For this campaign, competitor Alemagna accused Motta of false advertising by claiming that the identity card that came with the latter’s products attested to their composition, not to their goodness and therefore the claim was untrue.*


*From La pubblicità comparativa, published by Maggioli, page 40, footnote 9.

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The postcard that inspired the design of LoisonÂ’s Hatboxes

September 17, 2014

Here is the postcard that adorns the collection of Loison’s Cappelliere (hatboxes). It depicts a vintage portrayal of Milan from the early 20thcentury. It gives us a peek into the windows of a richly laden pastry shop, from where an elegant couple has just stepped out holding a package containing a Panettone.

The design of Loison’s hatbox was inspired by the Panettone packages of the early 20th century – cylindrical, made of durable pressed ... [read more]

Young confectioners at work are featured on the 7th edition of Loison's tin box

August 28, 2014

Loison’s Museum comprises not only a library, but also a very wide collection of historical postcards that Dario tirelessly sought for in antique markets around the world. Sonia’s creative mind then incorporates them into refined packages.

The design of Loison’s 7th edition tin box reflects indeed the images of old postcards featuring young angel confectioners. Some of the postcards date back to 1932. The content of the tin box is always the same, because you can’t ask for more: a Classic Panettone a.D. 1476 – namely the top of the Loison production with the best of every ingredient.

The container itself is decorated with an old postcard image from Loison’s collection. It depicts ... [read more]