DANIELE ZENNARO - Veneziana sandwich with speck by Sauris, Dobiacco cheese and black truffle


Daniele Zennaro shares his version of a sandwich featuring slices of Veneziana, speck made by Sauris, Dobiacco cheese and black truffle. This wonderful creation brings together the flavors of three Italian regions: Veneto, Friuli and Alto Adige (South Tyrol). Although this is a quick recipe, using premium ingredients is a must.


The secret to this tasty sandwich lies in the combination of the sweet Veneziana with the fragrance of black truffle, all blended in with delicious melted cheese and smoked speck.


To learn how to make this sandwich, you can either read the instructions below or you can watch the video (Itaian) in which Chef Daniele Zennaro explains how to recreate it.


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Yields 4


250 g Loison Classic Veneziana

300 g speck by Sauris

300 g Dobiacco cheese, sliced

200 g black truffle paste




Cut the Veneziana into 2-cm thick slices in the shape of a 12x4cm rectangle. Flatten them through a dough sheeter* and toast them on one side. Place a slice of Dobiacco cheese on the toasted side, spread the truffle paste and top with the speck. Cover with another slice of Veneziana, then grill the sandwich.



Cut the grilled sandwich into two triangles and serve while still warm.


* If you don’t own a dough sheeter, use a rolling pin.

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