Gli Angoli del Gusto Loison LUISE VINI – Piove di Sacco, Padua


Agostino Luise, you’re a second-generation member of the family that founded Luise Vini. Have you always been involved in your family’s wine distribution business?

Yes, I have. My father started the business in 1979 and I was immediately drafted into it out of necessity I remember spending my holidays helping my father out and learning the trade. It later became my passion and my whole life.


Who are your customers?

We began as distributors in the food service industry, so we have been doing business with restaurants, bars and night clubs. A good portion of our customers has been buying from us for decades.






How has the role of the distributor evolved in recent years to meet the challenges of large-scale distribution and online sales?

I see the role of the distributor as someone who’s always on the lookout for new products, such as winemakers with small or medium-sized productions, at times with limited production capacity, that are still able to offer high-quality, unique items, setting them apart from more renowned brands. The commercial and sales dynamics of the latter, as we know, place them in the large-scale retail trade and on online markets. This enables us to offer our customers multiple advantages, because we are able to provide them with exclusive, premium products.


What does it mean to drink well?

If someone asks me what they need to do to have a good drinking experience, I recommend they rely on the professional advice and expertise of those who have worked for years in the business. They will then receive recommendations on food-wine pairings - or just on wines - according to one’s tastes and, at the same time, they’ll have the opportunity to experience new and interesting flavors and combinations.


In 2019, Luise Vini will celebrate 40 years in business: what's in store?

In 2019, Luise Vini will indeed celebrate a very important business milestone. To prepare for the occasion, we are remodeling and expanding our store, so it will also include a tasting area where we’ll engage our visitors as they look for new experiences.


How many different labels do you carry at Luise Vini?

We currently offer our customers over 1,300 wine labels, of which 80% is Italian and 20% foreign. We also carry a wide range of champagnes, as well as Italian and foreign spirits. We have a large demand for craft beers too.


What are your customers’ favorite wines?

Our clientele is diversified. The most requested wines range from sparkling wines – by traditional or tank method - to still white and red wines. It is very gratifying when a customer relies on us for our advice both on the choice of wine and the pairings.


What Panettone varieties do your customers prefer?

For about ten years now, we have been offering several of the Loison collections, because we wish to create a lasting partnership with our suppliers.

Some of our customers prefer traditional products, while others are more adventurous and seek out unique flavors and are attracted by more innovative creations, such as the Apricot & Ginger Panettone or the latest NeroSale.


Today, everybody seems to be after the "wine & food pairing" format. What is your current selection of pairings?

We like offering our customers classic, yet original, pairings that will create emotions, all the while freeing the Panettone and the Colomba from their clichés. In this way, we not only highlight our core business, but we also bring attention to other excellent products found in Italian gastronomy, including jams and spreads to use in traditional pairings.

We also like introducing untraditional pairings that will hinge on sweet and savory flavor combinations, as in the case of premium cured meats and cheeses, which trigger sensations that people are not used to, but are nonetheless intrigued about.


By Giulia Marruccelli

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