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Farewell, Stefano...

April 20, 2015

There is news that we’d never want to receive... and, when we do, the news strikes us like a lightning bolt to the chest. On April 18, 2015, Stefano Leonardi, a great friend and professional, moved on and left us.

We wrote about Stefano Leonardi and Alberto Basso just a few days ago, under the chef portrait section: two friends and professionals united by a great passion. A few years back, they jointly opened Restaurant 3Quarti in Grancona (VI) and set on a journey that brought them both experience and success.


"Stefano runs like a diesel engine!” This is how Dario Loison used to refer to him. “He would go on forever, with his tenacity and his great timing. He ... [read more]

Panettone Flambé

December 5, 2014

It is an ancient tradition of Milan to save a slice of Christmas Panettone and have it on February 3rd in celebration of St. Blaise. On that day, which marks the end of the great cold season, people used to toast a slice of Panettone, dust it with powdered sugar and divide it among their guests as a symbol of good wishes. This can be the inspiration for a special dessert.


Take a slice of Loison Classic ... [read more]

Sonia’s tutorials, to help you create and live Loison’s world

October 2, 2014

As we all know, from nothing comes nothing, while inspirations can trigger unexpected ideas. Every project, in fact, always undergoes its careful decanting, maturation and aging phases. If to those we add the right amount of experience and entrepreneurial vision, ideas soon become a reality. This is how Loison’s New Gadgets came to be. They are unique and useful objects for your office, shop window, point of sale and, why not, your home! 

But that’s ... [read more]

Tasting a Panettone may seem easy, but....

August 29, 2014

Tasting a cake means analyzing its sensory characteristics following a precise order, moving from the overall sensory examination to the breakdown of each individual ingredient and ultimately the pleasure of the experience.

The ritual. Some take it for granted, and others neglect it, however, the cutting of the panettone cake should follow a well-thought-out procedure. First of all, the product should not be cold, but at either room temperature or slightly warm, because any heat promotes the release of its fragrances. We don’t want that! The paper around the panettone cake should be peeled off delicately. The paper wrapping that covers the bottom also needs to be slowly ... [read more]