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Sonia’s tutorials, to help you create and live Loison’s world

October 2, 2014

As we all know, from nothing comes nothing, while inspirations can trigger unexpected ideas. Every project, in fact, always undergoes its careful decanting, maturation and aging phases. If to those we add the right amount of experience and entrepreneurial vision, ideas soon become a reality. This is how Loison’s New Gadgets came to be. They are unique and useful objects for your office, shop window, point of sale and, why not, your home! 

But that’s not all! At Loison we care for the things we do. So, along with our merchandising, we put together a few quick tutorials. These are videos where Sonia Pilla, Art & Concept Director at Sonia Design, explains how to easily assemble Loison’s gadgets and to set up your shop window to reflect Loison’s philosophy: a style that focuses on the harmony of colors and materials. That’s how your store will become a "Loison Corner" where to live intensely and enjoy the art of taste.

To view them, simply go to YouTube’s channel Loison Pasticceri and the tutorials will be available in the dedicated Playlist. Have fun watching!

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