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Farewell, Stefano...

April 20, 2015

There is news that we’d never want to receive... and, when we do, the news strikes us like a lightning bolt to the chest. On April 18, 2015, Stefano Leonardi, a great friend and professional, moved on and left us.

We wrote about Stefano Leonardi and Alberto Basso just a few days ago, under the chef portrait section: two friends and professionals united by a great passion. A few years back, they jointly opened Restaurant 3Quarti in Grancona (VI) and set on a journey that brought them both experience and success.


"Stefano runs like a diesel engine!” This is how Dario Loison used to refer to him. “He would go on forever, with his tenacity and his great timing. He was someone who could watch and listen. His dishes did the talking for him, through his creativity. His cooking ideas sometimes arose from mistakes or jokes. Like the time when Alberto challenged Stefano to dunk a piece of salmon in his coffee... and from that joke came the idea for ‘Risotto with espresso and marinated salmon’".


"We worked together during the Schio Design Festival”, Dario Loison continues. “We spent an afternoon and an evening preparing together hundreds of Panettone Shots and Macarons. With Alberto Basso, we made several Panettone-based dishes. One for all was Spaghettoni with Cantabrian anchovies, candied onion and Fig Panettone, which is, in my opinion, one of the best interpretations of the Panettone."


Nobody can send him back to us, but we believe that Stefano is now having fun preparing his dishes for another audience, a more ethereal, but equally appreciative one.


A big hug to Stefano’s family, Alberto Basso, Andrea Basso and Christian Danese.

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