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Story of a Japanese chef in love with Panettone

October 28, 2018

From Kyoto to Costabissara to learn the secrets of Panettone-making. When she finally meets Dario Loison, she hands him all the Panettone monographic booklets that she has been cherishing for 10 years

Her name is Yori Arakawa. She’s been in love with Italy since the 1980s, when she came to the country to study creative textile design in Como. Her passion for Italian art and cooking began then, to include bread and leavened cake baking.


In a country like Japan, where the most traditional desserts are basically made from agar agar or from glutinous (sticky) rice - elements that give the dessert a chewy and pliable texture - the ... [read more]

Pusateri's discovers craft baking

December 17, 2017

These days, the news that Panettone is winning over the taste of U.S. customers is becoming common knowledge: Panettone is increasingly known as a "Classic Italian Cake" and is appreciated all-year round, as a product that is not necessarily consumed only around Christmastime.


Our Canadian counterparts are not too far behind and the constant demand for Panettone proves it. Pusateri’s a luxury food hall based in Toronto, went to Italy to learn more about and to "immortalize" the artisan production of Loison Panettone.


Pusateri’s is not your ordinary shop: established in 1963, it offers high-end gourmet products in its two food halls and four store locations.


Last October, during the full stage of Panettone and Pandoro-making at Loison’s headquarters, a team from Pusateri’s filmed the various production processes, which take up to 72 hours to complete. They started with the rising of the dough and ended with the sweet breads fresh out of the ovens. The team also ... [read more]

Around the world with Loison

December 17, 2015

We are approaching Christmastime and the world is getting ready to celebrate it in style. At Loison, we are collecting photographs featuring our Panettone and where to find it in every corner of the globe.

Help us by submitting your photos displaying Panettone as the # 1 holiday dessert Made in Italy. Better yet if it is Made by Loison!

... [read more]

Loison partners with ENPA Vicenza, the local animal protection agency

November 30, 2015

Once again, Loison partners with ENPA Vicenza to offer a one-of-a-kind Panettone. New for 2015 is the assortment of flavors, each with a different message attached. Here are the three varieties:

The mini TART CHERRY Panettone reminds us to sterilize our pet cats; the mini CHOCOLATE Panettone prompts us that animals are not toys, while the mini CLASSIC Panettone tells us more about the adoption project of dogs from the local shelter. These are some tasty and meaningful gifts to collect!


- Maison du Monde (near Le Piramidi mall) on Fri, Sat and Sun all day from 9:30 am to ... [read more]

Exports of Panettone increase

November 5, 2015

An event dedicated to the promotion abroad of Italy’s most traditional dessert for the Christmas holidays. Alongside major groups, there are thousands of artisan bakeries that produce Panettone. 5,000 in Lombardy alone. With a turnover of 220 million euros, sales increased by 1.4% [to read the Italian news article, click here].

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