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Paulo Sverko - Chef & owner of restaurant Fančita, Vrsar, Istria (Croatia)

June 12, 2019

Since 2001 Paulo Šverko has been the chef of restaurant Fančita in Vrsar, Istria  (Croatia): open from May to September Fančita offers the best of Istrian specialties.




My roots are in Istria, a harsh land stretched out between the Adriatic Sea and the mountains in Croatia. Once you take the time to get to know her, she will gift you with the best of her treasures.

I have always been passionate about cooking: once I got into it, it never left me.

I have been the chef of restaurant Fančita in Vrsar, Istria, since 2001. Fančita was named after ... [read more]

Stefano Agostini - Chef of Ristorante 19.94

February 4, 2019

"To stay current in today’s world, we need to take a step back. What does that mean?"


"1994 is a year that marks two important anniversaries: for me, it is the opening year of Casa Vecia, my first restaurant, where I was awarded a Michelin star. For Alessandro Rotolo, my business partner in this new adventure, is his year of birth."


"Of all the Panettone varieties, I am most fond of the Classic one, because simple things are indeed the most difficult to make!"






To stay current in today’s world, we need to take a step back. What does that mean?

It means that today, to make your customers feel good, you don’t have to impress them with special effects or with excessive technology that is an end in itself. The kitchen and the cook are at the service of the guests and their total satisfaction.





I apply high-level techniques to my ... [read more]

Maria Grazia Soncini - Chef at Restaurant La Capanna di Eraclio - Codigoro, Ferrara

November 20, 2018


  • "The basic ingredients we use are the ones we know best. They are what we have been eating for decades. My grandfather was a hunter and a fisherman, but he did it to feed the family, not as a hobby or as a sport. It’s how it was back then".
  • "The Michelin star was awarded to us in 1999. I remember that, while we were sitting at the table, we received the good news with a phone call: we were stunned and thought it was a joke! In our mind, our establishment was something completely different from a Michelin-starred restaurant".
  • "Every time I open Panettone, the intoxicating scent that is released brings me back to my childhood and Christmas day".







La Capanna di Eraclio is a place with a long history...

At the beginning, it was simply called La Capanna, a tavern where one could also buy tobacco products and a few grocery items. Everything here was built by my grandfather from 1922 to 1935.

My father had six siblings and, whenever the family grew, more rooms would be added to the house. If you look at ... [read more]

DANIELE ZENNARO - Chef at Restaurant Canova Baglioni Hotel Luna - Venice

September 5, 2018


  • Seven years at the Vecio Fritolin helped me grow exponentially
  • I like spices and, when I travel, I try to find new aromas that I can take home with me  
  • I made savory macarons seeing them through the eyes of Venice: they are squid ink macarons stuffed with creamed baccalà 
  • I love all of Dario Loison’ leavened products and his sweet Focaccia reminds me of the flavors of my childhood




DANIELE ZENNARO: Experiences and cooking style


Daniele, when you were a child, you used to play around with pots and pans... How did your passion for cooking come to be?

I've always wanted to cook, ever since I was 10 years old. I remember that, at home, my grandmothers and aunts did all the cooking, because my father was busy in the family grocery store. I grew up in and around our country ... [read more]

MARTINO SCARPA - Chef at restaurant Ai Do Campanili (in Cavallino Treporti, Venice)

May 14, 2018


  • Martino Scarpa appeared on Italian TV show “La Prova del cuoco” for 14 years

  • «I have been working on and around stovetops since I was 12: it hasn’t been easy, but I have always got a lot of satisfaction from my job»

  • «My cooking style has always been rooted in my local traditions and origins»

  • «Of all the Loison varieties, my favorite is the Panettone featuring figs from Calabria»





For the last 25 years, Martino Scarpa has worked on and around stovetops. When did your passion for cooking begin?

My passion for cooking began when I was 12. My folks had to go to work and I found myself having to do the shopping and prepare lunch. However, I did not always make what they asked me to. I would often open a cookbook and choose the ... [read more]

Chef Andrea Rossetti Restaurant Radici, Padua

February 1, 2018


  • After his experience abroad, he returns to Italy and works alongside Martino Scarpa at “Osteria ai do campanili” for 3 years

  • Winner of the latest edition of the Triveneto Baccalà Festival – Tagliapietra Trophy, awarded by both the technical jury and the journalists, for his dish “Stock fish soup with celeriac and seaweed

  • My cuisine is Light, Researched and Inspiring

  • I love Panettone Powder, because it can be used as a crunchy note to savory dishes, as well as an ingredient in desserts


Andrea Rosssetti and his experience (in Italian)




Andrea, why did you decide to become a cook?

My passion for cooking goes back to my childhood. One of my fondest moments was when the whole family went shopping on Saturdays. Back then, there weren’t any large retailers: we went to the farmer’s market and walked by the stalls selecting fruit and vegetables for purchase. Under the nearby hall, we picked cheeses, fish and meats. It ... [read more]


May 17, 2017
  • A professor of cooking techniques at the Master’s in Italian Cuisine, Marco Perez has been running Amistà 33 for a year now. Located in the heart of the Valpolicella region, the restaurant is like a treasure chest of contemporary artwork of immense value.

  • I grew up in two very different cultures: my father was from Naples, while my mother was from South Tyrol.

  • My favorite ingredient? A spice that I’ve loved since childhood!

  • Marco Perez created three new dishes especially for Insolito Panettone.



✎ Who is Marco Perez



Marco, for almost a year now, you've been running the new gourmet restaurant Amistà 33: please tell us how it started.

The goal of the Amistà 33 project was to create a venue where people could immerse themselves in luxury and art, and where they could relax and feel good. For me, luxury doesn’t have to do with owning material things. Today, luxury means to make time for ... [read more]


March 20, 2017
  • Renato Rizzardi has been running his own restaurant "La Locanda di Piero" in Montecchio Precalcino (VI), since 1992. He offers cuisine that is specific to his philosophy and does not follow any trends.

  • He gained his formative experience at the age of 20 while working at restaurant San Domenico in Imola. This was a turning point for him, as he worked side by side with master chef Valentino Marcattilii.

  • This is what he says about Dario Loison: «His Panettone is a testament to his achievements as an incredible entrepreneur who’s always evolving, just like I do in my career». 



Renato, you’ve been running your restaurant “La Locanda di Piero” since 1992. For the last 25 years, you have been a steady presence in the culinary scene of the Berico Hills in the province of Vicenza. The locals have come to love your gracious manners and your cooking. How does one "survive" today in the dining business?

It is important that we create an identity for ourselves. We can’t be tied to a passing trend, because fashion ... [read more]


February 10, 2017


  • Two impressive formative experiences, one at “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” and the other in Alain Ducasse’s kitchens

  • The restaurant is a family-run business: Piergiorgio, his mom and aunt work the kitchen, while his sister Daniela takes care of the diners

  • A Michelin Star every year for the last five years: «This is an award for a job well done and it pushes me to strive harder»

  • What about my friendship with Dario Loison? «We share a similar story: with tradition being our strength, we look into the future with a spirit of innovation»


✎ Piergiorgio Siviero


Lazzaro 1915 has a rich history, spanning more than a century. How much has this fact influenced you in the decision to work in the kitchen?

The name of the restaurant is indeed a tribute to my grandfather Lazzaro Siviero who, to some extent, did influence my life choices. Being the youngest of six brothers, walking down this path was almost like a calling for me. I basically grew up in the kitchen.


Your résumé highlights some ... [read more]

Alessandro Dal Degan - Restaurant La Tana Gourmet - Asiago (VI)

March 1, 2016

Alessandro Dal Degan, a JRE chef at Restaurant “La Tana Gourmet” in Asiago (Vi) tells us about his first “Michelin Star” and his story to Loison: Below is the interview (here’s the link to the video interview) 


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Alessandro, you finally got your first Michelin star: is this a point of arrival or departure?

We were happily impressed when all this happened, because we weren’t even after a Michelin star. To us, this is a testament to our hard work and to our daily efforts. We are doing what we like, and we try to do it better and differently.


What do you mean by ‘doing it differently’?

We basically use ingredients that most people are not ... [read more]

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