M. Grazia Soncini - Panettone & Rum Chocolate Pudding

For Maria Grazia Soncini, Christmas and Classic Panettone go hand in hand, especially when the latter comes in the 10-kilo Magnum size! At her Michelin-starred restaurant La Capanna di Eraclio, she likes serving Panettone with her finger-licking good rum chocolate pudding.


To learn how to make this decadent dessert combination, you can either read the instructions below or you can watch the video in which Chef Maria Grazia Soncini explains how to recreate it.


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♨︎ The Recipe


Yields 4


Loison Classic Panettone

200 ml milk

100 g dark chocolate, broken into pieces

40 g butter

40 g sugar

20 g flour, sifted

1 shot of rum

1 cinnamon stick




In a saucepan, heat the milk with the cinnamon stick. In a separate saucepan, melt the butter, then add the sugar and mix well. Add the chocolate pieces and melt.

Pour in the flour and continue stirring. Remove the cinnamon stick from the milk, then add the milk to the chocolate base to blend. Finally, add the rum and mix everything well.



Divide the pudding into four bowls and serve each with a slice of Classic Panettone.



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