Classic Panettone & Sabayon

Maria Grazia Soncini likes serving the guests at her Michelin-starred restaurant La Capanna di Eraclio Classic Panettone, simply as it is in the most traditional way. Her personal touch comes from the addition of her Sabayon Cream, the softest mousse one can dunk a nice slice of Panettone in. At Maria Grazia’s restaurant, you’ll actually find an unusually large slice of Classic Panettone, cut from the Magnum version that Loison makes available in the 10-kilo size.


To learn how to make this delectable mousse, you can either read the instructions below or you can watch the video in which Chef Maria Grazia Soncini explains how to recreate it.


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♨︎ The Recipe


Yields 6


Loison Classic Panettone

6 egg yolks

75 g granulated sugar

140 g Marsala wine



Whip the egg yolks with the sugar, then add the Marsala wine and mix well.

Cook in a double boiler until the cream reaches a fine frothy consistency, then transfer the container to a large bowl filled with water and ice.

Chef’s tip

It is necessary to cool the sabayon cream down so to stop it from continuing to cook and from thickening too much.


Divide the sabayon cream into 6 bowls and serve each with a nice slice of Panettone to dunk in.



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