Why only at Christmas? Panettone is a traditional cake that was originally created for the holiday season and it is not easy to think of it as a food that can fit into any of our daily menus. However, just by looking at what chefs, friends, bloggers and our fans have come up with in their wonderful recipes featured in this portal, we realize that the opposite can be true. You’ll also find out how easy it is to prepare those recipes: there are no complicated techniques involved, only a bit of creativity and the right amount of passion!

Panettone: the perfect ingredient. The taste of butter and eggs, the scent of ancient spices, but mostly its soft and rich/fragrant texture, go hand in hand with delicate meats, flavorful fish varieties, fresh fruit - including the exotic kind - and the creamy sauces. It all lies in the desire to go beyond certain patterns, to taste what we would never have thought of, to be tempted by skillfully created recipes and great products.


Insolito Panettone isn’t pure improvisation, but the result of many years of work. Below is a list of some of our most important events:


2003 – This marks the beginning of the collaboration with many chefs (from Herbert Hintner to Peter Brunel, from Danilo Angè to Fabrizio Ferrari, just to name a few) that have helped create/put together a remarkable array of dishes, whether sweet or savory, where Panettone shows its "adaptability”. Definitely a useful and synergistic experience that has yielded some of the most sophisticated Panettone-based desserts.


2010 – This is when our portal InsolitoPanettone was born. It is an online environment that brings together not only chefs, but also food and wine enthusiasts who interact and contribute to the dissemination of Panettone as a versatile product, freed from the usual clichés.


2010 – The book “Mille e un... Panettone” is published. Co-written with Barbara Carbone, it is a one-of-a-kind cookbook that offers recipes created by famous chefs and many anecdotes and curious stories about the origins and variations of the most classic Christmas cake.


2013 - All these activities inspired Dario Loison to come up with Panettone-based products that would support chefs in their creative recipes. Loison created Panettone by the Slice, Panettone in the form of Powder and Panettone Macarons, available in different flavors.


2013 – Debut of the Multisensory Dessert at the Schio Design Festival: a three-way multisensory dessert consisting of Panettone on a skewer, Panettone to drink and Panettone ice cream. This is a dessert that expresses an exemplary visibility, a superior tactile perception and an extra fine taste, involving all of the senses and even including the heart.


2014 –Success for the newly introduced Panettone Cream at “La luna tra le stelle” event. The Panettone cream is included in a finger food consisting of ricotta cheese, candied orange zest, pistachio crumbs and a pinch of black salt from Hawaii. A sensual and enveloping preparation where the different parts blend in perfectly with one another to deliver a crunchy texture.


2015 -  Insolito Panettone became a multimedia site featuring video recipes and video interviews specifically created so that Loison’s chef friends could have the opportunity to introduce themselves in a sort of gastronomic storytelling.