"You remember the first time we were trying this product in Thailand, right?" "Yes, we went to a luxury shop in Bangkok, and then when you  saw this, you were really excited and you tell me "it's just from my hometown""
Ann & Carlo, Loison's friends from Thailand, talk about their relationship with Christmas and the Panettone.
Carlo is an Italian-born chef who works as an Executive chef at the Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok. In Thailand, he found his second home and also the love of his life: Ann. He was surprised at how people in Thailand celebrate Christmas with all the decorations and also with Panettone. Ann & Carlo talked about how the Panettone culture is growing in Asian countries.
Carlo also unveiled why he always stopped by Loison: to discover the ingredients, the quality, but also the new beautiful packaging.
Thanks to Carlo and Ann for visiting us and being Loison's Ambassadors in Thailand!
The Taste Corner
Ann & Carlo, BangkokSiam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, 991/9 Rama I Road, Bangkok, 10330, Thailandwww.kempinski.com/en/siam-hotel/restaurants-bars/alati