"The tradition of panettone began with the first Italian immigrants and today it has become part of the Venezuelan Christmas tradition."
The history of panettone in Venezuela begins in the 1940s when the first Italian migrants imported it to South America to celebrate the Christmas Holidays in memory of their beloved country.
After eighty years, Salvador Perrat of Euroamericana De Vinos took up this Italian-Venezuelan tradition and began trading Panettone in South America. Euroamericana De Vinos was founded in 2009 in Valencia, a Venezuelan city in the state of Carabobo, as a distributor of wines of excellence and has been distributing Loison products throughout Venezuela since 2019.
A collaboration that began with a first small batch of panettone cakes in the summer of 2019, until today when Euroamericana De Vinos is the only exclusive importer of Loison products in Venezuela: Caracas, Maracaibo, Maracay, Valencia, Lecherias, Ciudad Ojeda, and Puerto Ordaz are some of the cities where Euroamericana has brought the Loison taste.
Our relationship has also been strengthened over the years through various collaborative activities, such as the creation of @loisonven, the official Instagram page of Loison in Venezuela.
The Taste Corner
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