"If I could explain myself with words, I wouldn't need to cook."
  • Born in the province of Pavia with Sicilian origins, he has cultivated his passion for cooking since he was a child.
  • After attending hotel school, he worked in various high-level establishments before opening his restaurant “Di Rocco Ristorante” in Noale (Ve).
  • His cuisine balances simplicity, lightness, and visual impact.
  • He shares with Loison a commitment to the quality and digestibility of dishes.
Sicilian roots, dreams of flight, and a passion for cooking.
I was born in Robbio, in the province of Pavia, although my origins trace back to Sicily. As a child, I dreamed of becoming an airplane pilot, but the aroma of the sweets prepared by my mother and grandmother ignited a passion in me that took over, transforming into an unstoppable flame.
After training at hotel school, I took my first steps in the world of high-end dining, in various hotel establishments before moving to Venice, where I fell in love with this activity. Finally, I found my home in Padua, where I worked for several years at the Fuel restaurant and then the latest challenge with the opening of the Di Rocco Ristorante, in the heart of Noale, in the province of Venice, where I can best express my essence.
Beyond taste: the sensory experience of Di Rocco Restaurant.
For me, food is nourishment for body and soul. My philosophy is based on satisfying the expectations of my guests through dishes prepared with excellent ingredients and without improvisation: even dishes that may seem simple on the surface actually hide great complexity, the result of research, passion, and dedication.
In my restaurant, I don't just want to offer my guests a taste of my cuisine, but I want them to have a complete experience, enriched by warm hospitality and a unique atmosphere.
Between simplicity, lightness, and visual impact.
My cuisine is a balance between simplicity, digestibility, and impact. Simple, because I don't like exaggeration and extremism in food. I believe that the true essence of taste lies in the purity of the ingredients and their harmony. Digestible, because the feeling of pleasure should last even after dinner, without weighing down or causing discomfort. Impactful, because a dish must strike the eyes first and then the palate. The beauty of the presentation makes it more appetizing.
The heart ingredient: rice that conquers palates.
There isn't a particularly requested dish but an ingredient, rice. I grew up in Lomellina, a land surrounded by a mosaic of rice fields, and this has characterized my background, which I have managed to convey to my guests: the great satisfaction is that they specifically request this ingredient, even in dishes that are no longer on the menu but are etched in the guests' taste memory.
An ingredient you can't stand.
I'm not fully satisfied with the use of offal, although I sometimes include it in some recipes, but I do it only for the passion I have for cooking.
As a chef, the concept of "free time" is often limited, but outside the kitchen how do you spend your time?
I spend my free time at home with my family, my partner, and our two daughters. When I can, I enjoy visiting colleagues because it's important, in our line of work, to stay connected and exchange opinions.
"If I could explain myself with words, I wouldn't need to cook": have you managed to find the words to define yourself?
In this line of work, one doesn't always have the opportunity to talk to the customer. The only winning weapon to convey something is food.
What has won you over about Loison?
I was struck by a phrase I read on Loison's website: "Tradition is our main ingredient, passion the warmth that heats our ovens".
Certainly, we share passion, a driving force that pushes us every day to do better. Furthermore, with Loison, we share an impeccable attention to digestibility: it's no coincidence that on every table, there is a box with a feather, symbolizing the lightness of our dishes.
The Restaurant
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