Do you want to take part in World Pasta Day with 4 unusual recipes? Here are some ideas to celebrate this world day dedicated to pasta, the ultimate Italian dish, with your friends!
The recipe
Watch the video, and you cannot go wrong!
Fusilli, tuna, beans and onion with Chinotto Panettone
It is a tribute to the first typical Italian dish, portrayed by Piergiorgio Siviero, with some unusual ingredients!
Paccheri with Panettone and gratinated anchovies
It is a traditional dish born to “recycle” leftover bread but, in this case, enriched by Panettone crumbles.
Spaghettoni, cauliflower, Panettone and licorice
An intriguing recipe with a variety of flavors and textures created by Chef Marco Perez.
Mussels bavette with Panettone dust
Matteo Villani created a “Made in Loison” recipe to make 2 unusual “spaghi” with a citruses aroma.
Happy Pasta Day!