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Insolita cena 2015: Chef Valerio Angelino Catella’s personal interpretations for a special dinner

January 19, 2016

Christmas is a time for gifts, parties, snow and Panettone. For chefs, it is also a time for intensive work. Cooking on the stove, there is a little of everything: ravioli, roast, risotto with beef stock and so forth. In short, many different goodies. However, there is one thing that everybody can’t wait to eat at Christmas and does not require any cooking..: we’re talking about Panettone!

Obviously, we can’t put Panettone in the oven to roast, or add it to your meet sauce. Let alone in fish fry!!!


Well, who said we can’t? Are we really sure? What if we combine a lot of daring, a pinch of culinary madness, a good dose of cooking expertise, and we include two or three characters, whose only normal thing is their first name? Finally, if ... [read more]

Insolita Cena 2015: Chefs Danilo Angé, Enrico Bartolini and Fabrizio Ferrari amazed with their interpretations of Loison Panettone

May 14, 2015

On May 4th at NH Hotel in Milan, three chefs hit the spot with their creative dishes prepared for a special dinner hosted by Loison.

The guests got to see the new 2015 Christmas Collections while enjoying Panettone Macarons and Chamomile Panettone, the latest addition.

The 4th edition of Insolita Cena was a success again this year! Held at NH Hotel in Milan on May 4th, 2015, during the Tuttofood fair, the dinner was brilliantly executed by three exceptional chefs, namely Danilo Angé, Enrico Bartolini and Fabrizio Ferrari. All longtime friends of Loison’s, the chefs experimented and amazed their guests with personal interpretations of ... [read more]

Innovative menu - Tuttofood 2015 dinner

April 30, 2015

Insolita Cena, a biennial special dinner organized by Loison for our friends in taste, will happen again this year

Chefs Danilo Angè, Enrico Bartolini and Fabrizio Ferrari will have the pleasure to delight and surprise their guests with a one-of-a-kind sensory and tasting experience: a new incredible menu that will combine technique with creativity.

The result will be a fascinating story of continuous innovation, told through traditional recipes and other tasty dishes

... [read more]

2008 innovative menu - La Corte Wine House in Cornedo Vicentino (VI)

April 29, 2015
Metti il Panettone in tavola, ovvero l'In... Solito Panettone a San Biagio (New ways to serve Panettone)
La Corte Wine House - Cornedo Vicentino (VI)

On February 7, 2008, Dario Loison and Mauro Pasquali, Secretary of Slow Food Veneto, set out to offer a very special menu featuring Panettone in every dish. This challenging task was given to Enrico Pianegonda and Marisa Piacentini Frigo from “La Corte” wine house in Cornedo Vicentino (VI). They welcomed the challenge and did everything to maximize every aspect of the following unique menu:

2007 innovative menu – Restaurant Da Remo in Vicenza

April 8, 2015
L'Insolito Panettone (New ways to serve Panettone)
Restaurant Da Remo in Vicenza

On September 27, 2007, the Rotary Club of Vicenza held a gastronomic event at Restaurant Da Remo, on the occasion of a meeting that focused on "Cultural values of the food & wine industry and of rural tourism", hosted by Carlo Cambi.

Loison Panettone was entrusted to the expert hands and the creativity of Chefs Mario Baratto and Danilo Baratto, who made it the star of original ... [read more]

2005 innovative menus at Al Camin in Bassano del Grappa (VI) and Godenda in Padua

March 17, 2015
New ways to serve Panettone
Al Camin – Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Godenda – Padua

In 2005, Dario Loison was the patron of two Panettone-themed dinners that delivered a multisensory tasting experience.


The first dinner was held on January 20, 2005, at Hotel & Restaurant Al Camin in Bassano del Grappa (VI). Chef Alessandro Favrin prepared three interesting Panettone-based dishes, namely:

  • Tortelloni stuffed with suckling pig served with plums, vanilla-infused apples and Panettone crumbs, paired with Cabernet Val Molin from Custozza

  • Quail with onions ... [read more]

5 Sensi Restaurant - October 23, 2003

August 22, 2014
Il Panettone - Sapori della tradizione interpretati da Morgan Pasqual per Dario Loison
Cinque Sensi – Malo (Vi)

Insolito Panettone has come a long way. In 2003, Panettone became the protagonist of an entire menu for the first time.

Aware of taking a risk, Dario Loison nonetheless gave in to the innovative energy of his creative mind.

Below is the menu he co-created with 5 Sensi Restaurant in Malo, Vicenza, on October 23, 2003.


GARGATI (fresh pasta) WITH GIZZARDS, PANETTONE CRUMBS AND CREAMED CAULIFLOWER: a first-course dish ... [read more]