Agostino Luise, the second generation at the helm of Luise Vini, tells us about his business and shows us the best pairings with Loison products.

Today Luise Vini has an assortment of over 1300 wine labels, 80% Italian and 20% foreign, as well as a wide range of Champagne and Italian and foreign spirits.

Luise Vini and the Wine Scene
"The company was founded by my father in 1979 and I was immediately involved by necessity. I remember spending my holidays helping my father and learning, and then it became my profession, my passion, my life. We started out as distributors in the 'Horeca' sector, so we work with restaurants, bars and nightclubs. A large part of our clientele has been with us for decades”.
The Philosophy
"If a person asks me what to do to drink well, I suggest they rely on the professionalism and experience of those who have been working in the sector for years: they will be given suitable advice on matching food and wine, or just on wine, respecting their tastes but at the same time offering them the chance to experience new emotional flavor journeys".
The points of sale
"We can currently offer our customers over 1300 wine labels, 80% of which are Italian and 20% foreign, as well as a wide range of Champagne and Italian and foreign spirits. We also have a great demand for craft beers. The most popular wines range from bubbles, Charmat and classic methods, to still white and red wines. It is very gratifying when the customer relies on our advice, both for the choice of wine and for pairings".
I love Loison
"We have been handling most of the Loison collections for about ten years. We have a type of clientele that is particularly tied to tradition, and therefore has more classic tastes, while others are more curious, and love more original tastes such as the Apricot and Ginger Panettone or the NeroSale.
The Taste Corner
Luise Vini, PaduaVia Breo, 72,
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