The Fifth Episode of "Amici di Gusto" introduces the life of Emanuela, an Italian User Experience Designer in Berlin.
Emanuela rides her red bike through the city following the flow of the river and crossing the famus wall, thirty years after its fall.
In life, we often face many crossroads. At every intersection, we can choose who we are and who we want to become.
I grew up in Rome. I used to spend most of my time in my car, stuck in traffic. Now, I push pedals. The Neubaus, symbol of a failed revolution, stand next to the newer, ultra-modern buildings of the city. Old palaces peek through the leaves of the trees.
I move through the city, as slow as its silent river, while the walls around me keep crumbling down, leaving but a memory for the tourists.
The color of the wall peels off, revealing the cold realism of history.
Tram. S-bahn. U-bahn. They all rattle along, as they disappear and reappear from sight. I get on one and let myself be carried to the places I love. A park. A relaxing coffee shop. A museum that inspires me.
Crossroads are like decisions. Rivers are like flows.
Real life echoes in the Firefox user experience. I often travel for work. Visiting new places and meeting my colleagues overseas is always exciting. However, I truly feel good only when I open my home to friends. A simple dish, a glass of wine, the flavors of my tradition.
It’s another way of knocking walls down.