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Iris - Nick De Cicco: Italy and Canada united by passion for flavors

August 28, 2014

The ongoing and direct relationship that we at Loison have with customers and partners is creating what we call ‘Loison’s Ambassadors’: these are chefs, journalists, bloggers and loyal, enthusiastic customers who are able to brilliantly and convincingly pass on our style, the way we work, the fruit of our labors and hence to spread Loison’s atmosphere across the world.

Nick De Cicco, a longtime friend of the Loison family and owner of Iris Import in Canada, made us feel much closer to his country, which has welcomed generations of Italian immigrants.
Nick, along with his right arm Antonietta Matera, with his southern Italian accent mixed in with North American slang, told his story: “At the age of 18 months, I left Sannicandro di Bari with my family to come to Canada, where in 1967 my father founded “Iris”, a small company that imports Italian products. In 1995, almost twenty years ago, we decided to start bringing Loison’s Panettoni to Canadian tables. By tasting this specialty, Canadians understand the significant qualitative difference that exists between it and a product of the large-scale distribution”.
Well, what are the most favorite varieties there? “Definitely the fruity ones, such as Marron Glacé, Late Mandarin from Ciaculli and Tart Cherry. Moreover, thanks to the exclusive packaging style, we also teach our customers about new products and old Italian traditions, such as the Easter Colombe - that we call doves.”


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