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Daniela Corso - Gustorie

February 22, 2016

As a Sicilian-born food & wine journalist, blogger, Daniela Corso is always on the go. With suitcase in hand, she is fueled by the desire to share her passion for writing and for food with people, like her, who love researching, experimenting and communicating

With a university degree in Political Sciences and with the dream of pursuing a diplomatic career, she has worked for over ten years as an "ambassador of taste", writing about food and wine, and participating in taste panels and juries.

The name she chose for her blog was "Gustorie", which combines the Italian words for taste (gusto) and stories (storie). In fact, she blogs about everything that revolves around the world of taste: not only recipes, but ... [read more]

Maria Grazia Viscito, aka Caris

December 18, 2014

I was introduced to Loison for the first time at the Gente del Fud event. Later, I entered one of their contests and ended up coming in first place. That’s when I got to know Dario even better. I visited his company headquarters in Costabissara and I was fascinated by the way the products are made!

Caris is 38 years old and was born in Rome. She has a master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, is married and has two children. She loves reading and photographing, and her house is full of books, including cookbooks.


I love cooking, but my true passion is French-style pastry making. My dream is to live in Paris and learn from Hermé, Michalak and Conticini! I started my blog Cooking Planner almost four years ago and have had ... [read more]

Alessia Bianchi

November 17, 2014

Born in 1975, Alessia Bianchi comes from a small town on the shores of Lake Como, where culture and tradition are passed down from one generation to another. She has a degree in Philosophy and a great passion for food and wine

When she organizes dinners for friends and family, she likes recreating the Symposium of early Greek society, a social event where good food and good wine accompanied discussions among diners. She takes great care in selecting the wine to be served at the table for the cup to friendship, the cup to health and finally the cup to sleep.

If she were a drink, Alessia would be the missing link between beer and wine, between casual and ... [read more]

Barbara Torresan

August 28, 2014

Barbara is one of our most cherished friends. In 2009, she was one of the first food bloggers to allow herself to be captivated by Loison’s energy. Starting with a contest, passing through many recipes and tastings, she has always been considered a regular guest of Insolite Cene at NH Hotel in Milan, during the TuttoFood event.

Barbara Torresan’s family was originally from the Veneto region, but she was born in Milan on October 18, 1966. To her friends and the web, she is known as Babs. She is a dreamer and a perfectionist, she has an outgoing personality and loves all that is beautiful. She is a gourmand with an exuberant and passionate attitude, but she’s also intuitive and private. These are all important characteristics that in the past gave her the ... [read more]